Our Purpose-Led Value workshop provides an introduction to how an organisation can unleash the power of purpose and help better navigate the emerging ESG and stakeholder value paradigm. By focusing on the Maturity Institute’s holistic form of “Total Stakeholder Value, it uses practical examples and exercises, as well as lessons from exemplar firms (including Handelsbanken, Toyota and Mercadona).

The workshop shows how companies can become truly ‘purpose-driven’; driving material intrinsic and measurable Total Stakeholder Value through its whole, human system of workers, suppliers, customers, and communities. It will also introduce OMINDEX®, the Maturity Institute’s approved diagnostic methodology that helps you to assess, analyze and measure Organisational Maturity – the extent to which an organization is human-powered, purpose-driven, and rooted in creating societal value, with a business model that reconciles responsibility and performance. Maturity forms the foundation to generate the very best outcomes for people and the planet.

This workshop has a maximum of 12 participants and uses proven experiential learning techniques. These will help embed the knowledge effectively and we will also help you to understand how to apply it to your own organisation. During the course of the workshop, we will also work on how to adopt the principles within your own organisation, understand the challenges to adoption, and how they can be addressed and overcome.

We will be running this workshop on a regular basis. The first date will be in London on 21 June 2023. To register or for more information please email stuart.woollard@omservices.org and click on the brochure below.


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