whole-systemMI is very pleased to announce the appointment of Council member Nick Shepherd as its Lead on Integrated Reporting with immediate effect. MI’s whole system philosophy necessitates the total integration of all information management and reporting systems. This, in turn, demands a multi-disciplinary approach to avoid the traditional problems associated with siloed organisational structures and data management.

Nick has been instrumental in producing the first ever integrated Human Governance Report (on AT&T) and his primary role will be further developing MI’s approach to <IR> while liaising with organisations such as IIRC  and other interested parties. Nick said on his appointment: –

It is with great pleasure that I accept the lead role for integrated reporting with the Maturity Institute. My goal is to work with MI and its principals and partners to help develop effective approaches that help investors and managers understand the critical role that human capital plays in organizational success and as a driver for all aspect of organizational value.

Paul Druckman, former CEO of IIRC, commented “Many congratulations Nick on this appointment. It is great that such a position is relevant to the organisation and being filled with someone of intellect and understanding.”

The timing of this crucial appointment coincides with the recent launch of the King IV code in South Africa, widely recognised as leading on progressive corporate governance, which incorporates a requirement for integrated reporting.

This appointment is one more step in MI’s policy of building a professional leadership and management institute that embraces all management disciplines, in combination, to provide whole system solutions to global, whole system, organizational issues; with special emphasis on Human Governance and human capital management systems. We anticipate announcing other ‘Lead’ roles in specific areas over the coming months.

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