hippocrates“Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.” Hippocrates, 460-370BC

The same can be said of mature management. After four years in its early development phase MI is now ready to set even higher management standards: they are sorely needed if our corporate (and societal) ‘patients’ are to achieve a full recovery.

I cannot think of another professional institute that was started from a completely blank sheet, aiming to develop professional standards for a profession that did not already exist. This profession is a composite of all other management disciplines and, just like medicine, works on the whole system. If it is analogous to medicine then MI is for organizational neuroscientists. Mature managers have to understand the whole system and have tools to solve whole system problems (like banking culture).

When a small group of us began this MI journey in 2012 we were glad to have anyone show interest in our enterprise; now we can afford to be as choosy as our calling demands. Take a look at our Membership page – if you think you have what it takes we would like to hear from you.



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