We will shortly be announcing the publication date for our much anticipated Banking Governance & Culture report, a unique and definitive guide to the health and vitality of our banks using our groundbreaking OMINDEX ratings analysis.

Our BG&C project has stimulated significant interest among the banks we have covered, their investors, and regulatory bodies. You can receive our complimentary summary report, which will be made publicly available, by contacting us below. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to purchase our in-depth research and analysis for the entire sector and for each bank rated.

Our BG&C project has already identified many critical insights, including:

  • A clear relationship between a bank’s OMINDEX rating (i.e. better governance and healthier culture) and market value
  • Most banks rated continue to carry material risk arising from poor governance and corporate culture
  • Executive pay remains disconnected and broken for most and is fit for purpose and links to Total Stakeholder Value in only a handful of banks
  • A small number of banks are building sophisticated whole system solutions to managing value and risk arising from BG&C
  • Board and Exco quality in BG&C terms is worryingly disparate – many of those banks who want to fix themselves do not have the capability to do so
  • Purpose is fundamental: those banks who have espoused and are embedding a purpose that drives ‘Total Stakeholder Value (TSV)’ are differentiating themselves from their peers


If you would like more information, to receive our summary report, or would like to pre-register for our in-depth analysis please contact stuart.woollard@omservices.org.


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