MI’s Stuart Woollard was delighted to present at a recent Transparency Task Force symposium. Stuart explained the Maturity Institute’s OMINDEX® diagnostic ESG standard and showed ratings and analysis evidencing the capability of the major global banks to serve society and generate value for all stakeholders.

Stuart’s presentation included an array of evidence showing how healthy the banking sector is with respect to the so called ‘intangibles’ of governance, culture, and management quality; setting out how higher rated banks are able to outperform in financial terms but also how they create higher ESG value for all societal stakeholders. Stuart also set out our key recommendations explaining how OMINDEX® and Total Stakeholder Value can be used by companies, investors and regulators; to help our banks build fit-for-purpose management systems to become more responsible organisations and better serve society.

Stuart’s slide presentation is free to access via the Transparency Task Force website here, where you can also view the entire symposium event.

If you are interested in learning about our OMINDEX® ESG standard and applying its methodology in practice, we have a growing group of professional practitioners from corporate, investment and advisory backgrounds. MI is working across multiple disciplines to:

  • increase corporate utilisation of the OMINDEX® diagnostic as a basis for business improvement, reconciling responsibility and performance
  • promote the pursuit of Total Stakeholder Value and see it integrated into underlying corporate purpose – with unequivocal acknowledgement that stakeholder capitalism requires the adoption of new measures of success
  • develop OMINDEX® ratings, which were designed to sit alongside credit ratings to create a more ‘holistic’ view of organisational health and enterprise risk, as a requirement for every stock exchange listing
  • encourage regulators and auditors, who are serious about identifying human or culture risk, to use OMINDEX®, which has been adapted for risk assessment and can fit seamlessly alongside multi-disciplinary professional practice settings.

Introductory information on the OMINDEX® ratings methodology and scoring system can be found via this link.

If you would like more information on how you can be trained to use OMINDEX® in practice please contact stuart.woollard@omservices.org or visit our training partner website, OMS LLP.

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