We are delighted to announce our new course: Building Human-Powered Organisations – ORGANIZATIONAL MATURITY: Corporate Responsibility, Human Performance, and Societal Value, that will be run in partnership with Prague University of Economics and Business.

This course provides business leaders and managers with a practical roadmap for building human powered organizations; where all stakeholders are viewed and managed as a fundamental source of sustainable value. The discipline of Organizational Maturity is perfectly placed to help companies with increasing societal and regulatory demands; to integrate ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) into business strategy and for corporations to realign themselves such that they can serve and benefit all their stakeholders.

This programme will begin your Organisational Maturity journey to becoming a professional OMINDEX® (Organizational Maturity Index) and Maturity Institute practitioner. It will help you:
▪  Identify the most value-promising organizational changes, to engage your internal and external stakeholders and drive the change process to achieve desired outcomes
▪  Gain a new perspective and unique understanding of how human intangibles create financial and ESG value while reducing risk via Total Stakeholder Value (TSV) creation
▪  Effectively integrate organizational maturity and human capital into corporate strategy
▪  Develop more effective company reporting by using OMINDEX®, MI standards and analysis that coherently link ESG and materiality
▪  Better identify human related risk material to company performance, across all stakeholders
▪  Utilize OMINDEX® and MI standards across multiple company practices e.g. board committees, performancemanagement, and annual reporting
▪  Become a member of MI and join an exciting network of professional practitioners
The course brochure can be downloaded here while registration is made via the Prague University of Economics and Business website
For more information please contact paul.kearns@maturityinstitute.com


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