IHRM’s Council today announces a change in the institute’s name to the Maturity Institute, with immediate effect. Paul Kearns, Chair of the Council, explains the thinking behind this change. “The concept of management maturity can be traced back at least to the original, IT industry’s Capability Maturity Model and the term ‘maturity’ has now gained […]
Our Story In 2012, our founders set out to help firms realise the latent value contained within untapped human potential. They chose to establish a not-for-profit, professional institute that embedded the scientific method and the very best evidence-based practice. Today, Organisational Maturity is a growing discipline of ‘management medicine’, helping business and investment professionals to […]
Over the last 20 years there has been much talk about ‘HR transformation’. One term that has become synonymous with that change process is ‘HR maturity. The derivation and origination of the term was first coined by Paul Kearns (see the full evidence trail here) and officially copyrighted in his 2002 book ‘HR Strategy: Business […]
A seminal discourse from Saker Nusseibeh, CEO, Hermes Investment Management The relationship between business and society is the focus of a recent interview (June 2019) between Saker Nusseibeh, CEO of Hermes Investment Management and Ioannis Ioannou of London Business School. In particular, Nusseibeh explains the crucial importance of integrating ESG factors (environment, social, governance) into […]
“Professionalism and long-term value: helping banks to build mature cultures” Wednesday 29th August 2018 (1300 GMT+1) MI Council members Stuart Woollard and Paul Kearns will be presenting another in MI’s growing series of webinars for professional bodies who are interested in raising the maturity levels of their members and the organizations for whom they work. […]
Dear Mark, You don’t know me but you do know of the Maturity Institute because we met your emissary at a meeting held by the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism. She informed us that you wanted to know more about us. So, having just viewed your video yesterday, I would like to provide some clear and […]
Back in 1970, Milton Friedman helped to forge the current business paradigm by advising companies that profit maximisation and serving shareholders was what really mattered; and that by doing so, companies would be serving society too. After decades of myriad corporate scandals and ten years after the Global Financial Crash, Larry Fink, Blackrock’s CEO, has […]
Another milestone has been achieved in MI’s mission to develop a new generation of mature managers with the final workshop on our Prague Programme. The programme was launched 12 months ago and jointly developed with MI’s Associate and Lead on Learning Impact, Stanislav Tichy. MI has not only gained talented, Affiliate members but has learned […]
Are our banks working? Have our banks improved since the global financial crisis in 2008? Do they pose less risk? If so, has this translated into higher value for investors, customers, workforces and other key stakeholders? Our free webinar will consider key lessons from The Maturity Institute’s ground-breaking, comprehensive 65-page 2017 Banking Governance and Culture […]
MI is delighted to join the “10 Years after the Crash” network, coordinated by Promoting Economic Pluralism, which will be holding a wide range of events in September around the UK to reflect on the lessons from the Global Financial Crisis. On 14th September, it will be 10 years since the run on Northern Rock, […]
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