The Maturity Institute (MI) has been building the infrastructure needed to support a form of capitalism predicated on Total Stakeholder Value (TSV). At the very core of our strategy is OMINDEX® – a rating scale that applies a set of 32, diagnostic, organizational elements (the OM30) to measure companies against a global standard. All 32 […]
Part 5 in our ‘BRT’ series – see parts 1, 2, 3, 4 In Part 3 of this series I explained some of the broader implications stemming from The Business Roundtable’s (BRT) ‘Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation’. Now we need to look in more detail at how it has shifted the ground underneath […]
The UN has been working hard at making the world a more responsible and sustainable place since the 1970s and in 2006 it brought its thinking to investors with the introduction of 6 principles of responsible investment. These are designed to underpin the work of the investment community as it integrates ESG, “impact”, or responsible and […]
The Financial Times rates John Authers’ journalism as ‘premium subscription’ quality, so it was a rare and welcome opportunity to see his ‘Opinion – Market Insights‘ piece aired in the mainstream edition yesterday (31st May). This should reach as wide an audience as possible because it has very serious implications for the future of market […]
MI is very pleased to announce its latest project to create the tertiary education sector within OMINDEX by incorporating OMRs (organizational maturity ratings) for Universities from across the world. Funding and enrolments at universities across the globe are expanding significantly – but so is student debt ($1.45 trillion in US alone). Of course, the sector […]
Banking Governance & Culture Report Series: Part 5 (of 10) The litany of corporate failures over decades, inequality between the wealthiest and the poorest, and the unresolved issue of corporate diversity are some of the drivers behind increasingly vociferous demands for organisations to embed a purpose that seeks to benefit society rather than exploit its […]
Banking Governance & Culture Report Series: Part 2 (of 10) The Financial Times just reported Bernstein research on the magnitude of bank CEO pay; drawing comparison between the high relative pay of US bank CEOs and their European counterparts. Bernstein analysts advise: “With all due respect, running a bank in the US (even with the […]
As part of our Banking Governance and Culture project, we have been able to test our new global standard for CEO remuneration. This MI standard provides for an executive remuneration system that is explicitly linked to Total Stakeholder Value (TSV); our value measure that combines a company’s shareholder returns with value created for all relevant societal […]
The Maturity Institute’s OMINDEX® ESG standard generates the base measure for ‘Total Stakeholder Value’ metrics. With its 32-factors, it provides boards and c-suites with a foundational, whole diagnostic system for the management and creation of value; for shareholders and all other societal stakeholders, without trade off.  In Figure 1, our visual shows how we have […]
Our Story In 2012, our founders set out to help firms realise the latent value contained within untapped human potential. They chose to establish a not-for-profit, professional institute that embedded the scientific method and the very best evidence-based practice. Today, Organisational Maturity is a growing discipline of ‘management medicine’, helping business and investment professionals to […]
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